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Hello Everyone,

I have about 10mins of green screen footage which I need to key. I was wondering is it possible to have a script which does the following:

With a project labelled BM_SH001:
1. Opens a Comp labelled SH001.
2. Applied Keylight with a preset called "Junk_Key".
3. Run Autotrace on the alpha for that layer...with the following settings Tolerance-1px, Threshold-50%, Minimum Area-50%, Corner Roundness-50%. And to then 'Apply this to a New Layer'. (I understand that there maybe doesn't need to be a way to ensure these values as it seems to use the last values maybe it just simply needs to run AutoTrace)
4. Remove the Keylight effect...from footage layer.
5. Set the footage layer to TrkMat Alpha.
6. Select the new AutoTraced layer, and apply a 'Simple Choker' with the value of '-50.00'.
7. Add this to the render queue...with Best Settings and Output module set to a preset labelled PNG_ALPHA.
8. Move onto Comp labelled 002. and work its way through the shots.
9. Render all the shots.

The reason this would be useful is that I can hopefully just leave the project running through and Autotracing the footage I don't think you can switch windows or do anything else during the Autotrace process it will take quite awhile to work its way through all of this footage. Also I realise that Autotracing can be quite heavy in terms of file size and to work to have the option to swap out the Autotrace layer for a PNG sequence if the Autotrace works...would be great.

It would be great to see if such a script is possible. I have done a lot with expressions but not too much in terms of scripts...not for a very long while anyway. If you need any further information then please let me know.

The project is 1920x1080, 25fps, and I am using CS4.


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Hello, advise how to create such a green screen video correctly?
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