HDV to HDTV scripts for compositions

What type of scripts do you need?

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Hi, I'm new here and totally lost in the scripting process.
As I don't use script that much, I don't want to start the learning curve in writing scripts. So I'm asking you if could help me on a problem I'm facing. In fact, it would simply make my life a lot easier!

I'm still working with HDV files, 1440x1080, 1.33 pixel aspect ratio and 23.976fps. I'm also working with DSLR videos, 1920x1080, square pixel aspect ratio and 23.976fps.
The goal would be to have a script that either open the HDV footage into 1920x1080 with square pixels comp directly or run on the opened compositions, which would be 1440x1080 @ 1.33 Pixel Aspect Ratio.

Any help or input would be very appreciated, as I'm totally lost in this scripting process!
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