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I need a script that include compress rendered file..

Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:13 am

Hi Ae Enhancers Community!
I am Ali from Turkey. Need a script and started to learn Javascript language. But sometimes it gets hard to find codes and combine them. I have budget for that script. Actually, i m not sure if i need script or plugin.

The Script (Or Plugin) i look, should make :

1.Create different sized comps, from selected layer. And rearrange position of layer.
2.Put a watermark to some of compositions..
3. Put a sound file from the directory of selected layer to a comp.
4. Set work area(Render area)
5. Render 3-4 comps with different codecs.
6. Render a comp as still image.
7. And finally, compress a rendered video to zip..

Anyone can do that, please contact me with
It s a project trademarked and waiting for develop..

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