View-port Override for Colorspace.

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Do you simulate delivery color space in your AE Project?

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Hello everyone,

I have given this quite a bit of thought and I think this request falls into the "we need Adobe to do this" category but here goes:

Parameters: Imagine a team of AFX Artists with different equipment with regards to monitors. Working with sRBG colorspace source files. Final delivery to REC.709 colorspace.

Current state: To simulate REC.709 color space in the preview window for a project one needs to open the Project Settings, Select your Specific monitor profile, uncheck "Compensate for Scene-referred Profiles", select "Use Display Color Management" option from the View menu or from the icon in the View-port and then select the desired output. Unfortunately, each Artist needs to select their specific monitor profile in the project setting for each AE file they open. Fortunately, the rest of the settings are retained once set.

Request: A Colorspace Simulation Override that could be activated that would display any Project opened as the desired output colorspace no matter what the color space of the project is until deactivated.

I think this would help many people with color accuracy and mitigate surprises at delivery. Sadly, I don't know if many professionals take the time to think about and properly set up colorspace.

In my example, the team works on almost a hundred project files a day and they each have different monitors. Remembering to check and select the correct monitor profile when one opens a Project is prone to error. With the Override we could have more confidence that we are all looking at the same thing once we calibrate our brightness and contrast settings on the monitors.

A script I could edit and disseminate to each artist (to set their specific monitor profile at the push of a button) could help in the interim and I would greatly appreciate help with that if anyone is able.

Thanks in advance, Dan.

ps. Tips, tricks and suggestions are welcome.
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