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Dynamically render new animations as source video clips are created

Posted: February 12th, 2017, 11:58 am
by justinvalle
I operate a photo booth that has a video option, I turn them into animated GIFs, people love it, but I want to more. I have an AE comp that animates a video layer to move in 3D; looks cool, and I want all my booth vids to animate like this.

Here's what I am hoping a script can accomplish:
1. Monitor a folder for new footage
2. Replace footage in animation composition with new footage
3. Render out composition in AME with an Animated GIF preset

-Alternatively, since AME already triggers things with a Watch Folder, is there a way AME could trigger the script at the same time?

Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't script, but I understand the basics.