Need a script to automate some audio -> video

What type of scripts do you need?

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I'm happy to write my own script, but I'm brand new to AE scripting and I'm doing a small (hah!) project as a volunteer for a non-profit organisation.
What we are looking to do is upload about 600 lecture recordings to Youtube, and create some nice waveform animations over the audio instead of a still image.
I've created the waveform animations and now I'd like to automate this for the next 600+ files.

Basically, I need a script that will take the next audio file in a folder, move it into my composition, set the wave spectrum effect to use the new audio layer, and change the composition duration and all other layers to match that audio file.  I then want it to add the comp to the media render queue and then delete the audio file, and move on to the next one.  Ideally, it could also upload the video to my youtube account and then delete the video so I don't run out of hard drive space. But if not, I'm sure I can write a bash/python script to do that.

I hope this is possible.  Any advice or pointers for me to write this script, or where to find scripts that do some part of this would be really helpful. Thank you very much. 
I'm not expecting anyone to write the whole script for me, but if you do, you have my deepest gratitude.
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