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$$$ - Hiring a scriptor to create a custom panel

Posted: September 19th, 2017, 8:53 pm
by ScottRamsay
I am searching for an Ae ExtendScript expert who is familiar with making custom panels.

Details of the panels function:
The panel is to make the character animation process simpler a faster. The actual rig functions are already created using a slider, and a 'joystick' out of 'joysticks n' sliders' ( if you're unfamiliar with it's function, here's a demo video: )
As you can see in the above video, the slider is in a panel, while the 'joystick' is on the screen. I would like the slider AND the 'joystick' to be in a single panel, as well as a 'set keyframe'. Attatched is a poor illustration of what a roughly expect it to look like.
In future, I hope to expand on this panels functions.

About you:
Please tell me, have you created a panel before? How long do you think this will take to create? Once we can discuss these too questions, we can discuss a fair price on the projects creation.

Thankyou for looking at my post, I hope I have explained it clearly. If not, please post questions below, or contact me a
Kind regards, Scott.