Control speed influence between two keyframes with marker

What type of scripts do you need?

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Hello everybody, just thought of something that I think could be usefull for a lot of people.

Everytime I try to make more complex camera movements, I end up parenting the camera to more than one null in sequence. This way, I can control, for example, specific camera movements from one null, while the camera follows another rotation from the second null in a different anchor point. Then, to get a movement that is more "organic", I need to offset some of the keyframes, but keep the highest value of speed the graph of all keyframes on the same position on the timeline.

I put together two pictures showing the problem and the solution that I imagine could make this job easier, faster and less tedious:
influence with markers

So, you select two keyframes of a specific parameter on lets say, 4 or 5 layers, run the script, then control the highest value on speed graph with the marker.
Is it a possible thing to do? Would I have to split the layer afterwards because of the expressions? Or would I be able to do this as many times I want on the same layer?

Thank you in advance!!
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