Curved line between dots

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I'm looking for a technique to create a curved line between 2 dots. And where you are able to move the dots while the curve start and end point sticks to the dots and the curve follows the movement of the dots but keeps it's curved shape.

Haven't seen or found a plugin or technique for this yet ... I attached also a image of where it could be applied as a motion graphic effect.

And extra option would be that you can wobble animate the curve when moving the dots (fast). The curve shape might also change according to the position of the points.

It's more or less like te plexus plugin but instead of straight lines connecting between the dots, you have curved lines. And just between two dots and not the "growing" effect.

If in a plugin you could have the option to have bezier handles at the two end dots and a center invisible control dot on the curved lines also with bezier handles. The bezier handles in the center dot would then direction and distance constrain (with influence slider) to the end dots to have the curve change shape while moving the end dots. 
The center dot could then also have a parameter to create the wobble effect.

Too bad I can't write AE plugins ...

Another idea was to create a line with Trapcode Form dots. Somehow control the end and start points/dots of that line, and then have the Spherical fiels push on both sides of the line and also link these fields with expressions to the movement of the start and end dots.

Next method I was testing is using the Beam effect and add twirl effect linked to both ends of the beam. And then with expressions control the radius and angle,
feels more like a dirty hack ..

Thanks for feedback,

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