Time Displacement AE plugin effect code

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Hello, i'm looking for how the programming code for the Time Displacement plugin effect in AE works and is written. 
I've read about simple codes for slit-scan which generate a "time displaced" static image from a live video source(*). Could such a code be modified to apply the way the Time Displacement effect from AE processes pixels with luminance values from the map layer, so as to obtain a "time displacement" moving image (ie a video) from the live video source.
I've located and opened the AE effect plugin, but am at a loss since i don't really know anything about programming or code, so i was unable to read anything from it. I would vastly appreciate if anybody could somebody shed some light into my research. 
(*) Such as Processing source code for slitscan from a live video camera or YouTube Slit-scan video processing tutorial
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