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Hi there,

I'm totally at a loss with scripting generally. I have a very basic idea, or can work out little bits if I copy and paste and trial and error.

I'm using Ft Toolbar on CS6 and i'd really like to create a button that will automate adding a number of ffx Presets. I know the Menu has the option to add a Preset already built in but i'd like to add multiple ones all at the same time.

Would anyone be able to help write out the simple javascrpt/Extend Script, to cycle a loop for me?

I basically need to select a layer. Then the script will cycle through how ever many ffx files i'd like to add. So i'd add in the hard links to the ffx presets. I'm guessing about 6-8 of these.

Thanks so much for any kind person who can help!
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You can use applyPreset(path) method. Maybe getting a UI with a button to add all presets path into an array and then a for loop to apply all presets in the same layer.

Write me a DM if you still need it :)
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