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Hold last frame

Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:45 am

Here's something that keeps coming up for me and would Iove a script i could throw into my ScriptUI panels folder that would allow me to click one button that would do the following:

Enable time remapping for the current selected layer(s).
Create a time remap keyframe at the out point(s).
toggle hold the newly created keyframe(s).

And for a bonus, extend the out point of the current layer(s) to next closest layers inpoint.

I'm going to tackle this eventually but if anyone beats me to it i'll be extremely thankful.

What i'm doing is creating an edit in FCP, where a lot of my edits need to have holds on the end of the scenes until the next clip, to fill in gaps in the timeline. Then I'm using Dale's scripts (from creative-workflow-hacks) to convert XML files into comps in AE, but any held frames don't come over in translation. So i've just been manually recreating the holds in AE but i figure it should be an easy enough thing to script.
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Re: Hold last frame

Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:44 am

I'm looking for something similar. Although, I'm not sure you need a hold frame at the end since the keyframe that is created at the end will already hold unless you put more keys after it, but then you most likely wanted an animated effect anyway.

The problem I have is that the last keyframe is usually one keyframe After the the composition length, resulting in nothing but an extended timeline. I put together, with the help of some of the folks over at creative cow, an expression that solves the basic issue:
if (time >= (thisLayer.timeRemap.key(numKeys).time)){ 
value - thisComp.frameDuration;

What that does is change the last keyframe to one less frame than is says so it actually holds the last Frame of the composition instead of holding After the last frame, which doesn't make any sense to me at all.

I'd really like a script though, that adds the time remap, and creates the correct keyframes from the start without using an expression. The manual way to fix it, of course, is to go back one frame from the last and insert a keyframe, then just delete the last (original) keyframe.
Anyone up for creating this?

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