Smooth vertical scroll for interlaced SD

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June 12th, 2006, 8:30 am

Just a quick fix for making typical text scrolls smooth by making sure that we scroll with a multiple of 100 pixels per second to avoid jitter.

Just apply to a layer and it will start scrolling upwards from the original position as soon as the layer starts.

Updated 2006-08-07 with new values.

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//Smooth SD vertical scrolls by Jonas Hummelstrand
// Version 1.2.1,
// Can be applied to a non-square NTSC comps or to both 
// square and non-square PAL comps.

// Change the following value to an even multiple of 50 for PAL
// or to an even multiple of 59.94 for NTSC.
// Normal scrolls are 100 for PAL and 119.88 for NTSC
// Fast scrolls are 200 for PAL and 239.76 for NTSC
// American Idol scroll speeds are 300 for PAL and 359.64 for NTSC

intPixelsPerSecond = 100;

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