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Auto Render 2 (file path, name etc) -- new version

Posted: June 12th, 2011, 12:31 pm
by Simma
New version available at the bottom. Try it out!

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: July 13th, 2011, 12:29 am
by maximee
hello simma!
thank you for sharing your script!
i'm always looking for ways to improve my (and hopefully my colleagues' :) workflow.

i'm in the middle of finishing a script that does pretty much the same things. i will share it when it's done. it pretty much covers most of your script's features plus a few more.
unfortunately i only have limited time on the train to do my scripting but i hope i'll be done in about 2 weeks.

hopefully NO MORE anymore!
although i presume people who name their files in that manner won't use a script...

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: August 15th, 2011, 1:32 pm
by scribling
Auto Render doesn't seem to do anything other than version up, which I don't need.

The script assumes a lot. Although, this may work well for some, the ability to NOT use some of the functions isn't there.

1. Versioning up right before rendering is pointless. If I alter the project after rendering v01, I'll be working in v02 ... and as soon as I hit Auto Render it becomes v03, so render "v03" is actually a render of project v02 although it's named "v03."
2. I don't want my project files with vXXX, I want vXX; (altered script to allow this)
3. I don't want my initials or anything else in the render name - simply the project name;
4. Why wouldn't the default be "comp length" instead of having to put in a frame range?
5. When it queues a render it looses the suffix. I end up with Name_vXX.#### (missing the ".dpx")
6. Auto Render adds .../ae/... to the render directory path.

Ok, after quite a bit of editing I have it working fairly well. I had to remove the "ae" from the path and the "user."
So now it simply creates a directory and queues the comp, although it still forgets the ".dxp."
I removed the versioning up, so it renders the file number I'm actually working on.

Auto Render is a nice script and great work. I hope the author doesn't think I'm bashing it. It just didn't do what I needed or expected.

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: August 15th, 2011, 2:41 pm
by Simma
Hi scribling, thanks for your feedback. I agree that it isn't very easy to customize the script and it's something that I'm gonna try to fix in coming versions. A lot of it is based how I want renders set up in the studio I work for so I totally understand that it doesn't fit everyones needs. But this is also one of the reasons I wrote it. I don't want any flexibility in this. I want to use a standard setup that isn't changed. It's great that you could edit it to fit your pipeline!

I'll try to answer some of your feedback below:

1. I'm a big fan om versioning up your projects so that you can always go back to it later. In this case, once you hit render, it will render the current version and then render up. This way, if you want to go back to v027, the project file is always there the way it was rendered. How would you want it?
2. Totally understands. I like vXX as well, but sometimes you do a LOT of versions.
3. Initials are pretty standard at the end of each render at most places. However, I'm thinking about changing this. Often the actual project name contains the initials as well, so you might end up with double initials.
4. Most other application use frame range so you get used to it. I actually find it easier than to have to set the work area to the correct frames each time. Also, it will allow you to render parts of the composition to seperate files.
5. Stange that it looses the file extension. I will have to look into this. I know I saw the same thing as I was developing it, but I thought I fixed it. I think I might know were the problem is.
6. I like subfolders like this to keep everything organized. I also have a /nuke/ folder for Nuke renders.

Are there anything else that doesn't work as exprected? Missing features? Other thoughts? Please let me know so I can try to fix it.

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: August 15th, 2011, 7:03 pm
by scribling
Versioning - The way it's currently working (I have it set to queue only) and it versioned up every time - without hitting render.
If your render set a proxy or anything like that a version up save would lock that in. After I render, I revert then version up. That way I'm back to my default comp settings and render settings.

Initials - Yeah, I've worked at those "initials on the render" places and I don't like it, but I see why you'd put that in.

Frame range - I like to set my render comp to the frame range I need and always have my renders set at "comp length," that way I have no mistakes and always get the correct frame range.

Subfolders - to me it shouldn't matter what app rendered the file ... and all renders should be in the same directory so that anyone looking for the latest render wouldn't have to check several folders to find it and even then not be sure there looking at the latest. If all renders from any app are in Render/... there's no doubt what the latest version is. If its not in there then someone f'd up or it's only a test render.

You rock at scripting. This is good work.

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: August 16th, 2011, 4:32 pm
by scribling
I found another thing that's odd. If I select the comp I want to render in the project window, but it's not open in the comp window, choosing "use work area" doesn't use the work area of the comp I chose, it uses the work area of the open comp in the comp window. It creates the right render comp but has the wrong frame range.

Re: Auto Render (file path, name etc)

Posted: September 1st, 2011, 8:00 am
by Simma
Thanks for your feedback scribling, I appreciate it! I'm in the middle of writing a new version that hopefully makes the script easier to customize and it adds a few new features. I will take a look at the frame-range bug and see if it's possible to fix. I will post the new version as soon as it's finished.

Auto Render 2 (file path, name etc)

Posted: January 25th, 2012, 8:36 am
by Simma
Finally I found some time to finish a new version of this script that added a some new features and fixed a lot of bugs. But mostly it's a lot more customizable now. If you open the script in ExtendToolkit (or any other script editor) you can easily change a lot of variables to make it fit your pipeline. I appreciate any feedback on this. I've tested it in production for a couple of months so it should be production ready. If you encounter any bugs, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Short description:

Auto Render helps you keep track of your work and to keep renders organized. Things that often fall apart on tight deadlines and people start naming their renders to "test_final_final" etc. In order for the script to work you will need to use strict naming conventions (which you should do anyway). Make sure you edit the user variable so they work for you. If you choose automatic file name the render name will be based on the name of the project file. For example (default setup): If your project file path is "/Volumes/show/shot/shot01/projectfiles/ae/shot01_sb_v001.aep", it will render to "/Volumes/show/shot/renders/ae/shot01_sb_v001/shot01_sb_v001_####.exr".

Press the "?" or post here if you have any questions.

Tested on CS5 and CS5.5, but I think it should work on CS4 as well.

Feel free to ask for feature requests.

* By the way, why can't you attach files with the .jsx extension? *

Re: Auto Render 2 (file path, name etc) -- new version

Posted: March 26th, 2013, 8:12 am
by scribling
I found the code that is causing the "Use Initials" to return the format (dpx) in the filename.
Line 681 in my version. I've changed it quite a bit ...

Code: Select all

// Add intials to the file name.
    if(palObject.grp.left.five.useInitials.value == true){
       newFilePath = newFilePath + UV17 + palObject.grp.left.five.initials.text + "." + formatExtension;
Replace with:

Code: Select all

// Add intials to the file name.
    if(palObject.grp.left.five.useInitials.value == true){
       newFilePath = newFilePath + UV17 + palObject.grp.left.five.initials.text; 
This is a great script. I use it multiple times daily.
Thank you.

Re: Auto Render 2 (file path, name etc) -- new version

Posted: March 28th, 2013, 2:05 am
by Simma
Thanks for the kind words scribling, I'm glad to hear that you use it!

I'm aware of several issues with this script, and when I find some time I'll post an updated version. Funny thing though, I'm not able to reproduce the issue you have. You mean you get double extension (.dpx.dpx)?

Any other features you would like to see?

Re: Auto Render 2 (file path, name etc) -- new version

Posted: April 3rd, 2013, 5:18 pm
by scribling
Not really a double extension it was putting ".dpx" at the tail end of the filename.
So, I'd end up with XXX_XXX_XXXX_comp_v0021.dpx.[####].dpx

Oh, ya know ... that may have been something I altered a while back ...
If you don't get it then forget it. My fault probably.

This script is a major time saver for me as well as preventing any render directory naming errors.