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Import render templates

Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:45 am

As you can't access the output modules with scripting, this script opens a template project and saves every output module in the render queue as a template.

Open the attached outputTemplates project and add your own settings. To add your own settings, create a new composition, name it, drag it to the render queue and adjust the settings as you wish. Save project. It's important that you use numbering of the compositions as they decide the name of the output template. For example, in the template project the first compositon is named "01 OpenEXR_zip16_RGBA". The first item in the render queue has the correct settings for that, and will be saved as a template called "OpenEXR_zip16_RGBA". The second composition corresponds to the second item in the render queue and so on.

You don't have to use the attached template script as long as you change the user variable to a correct path. But I recomend opening it to see how everything works.

I wrote this script as it's sometimes hard to remember to save your output settings and to manage them with several machines. Also, it's great when using my Auto Render script (

* Updated to version 1.1 so that templates can only be added once.
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