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A request that seems to crop up time and again is how to read data into Adobe Scripts from Excel spreadsheets. For a long time the standard advice has been to export and read-in via a delimited text file (CSV). There are some situations where this can prove a bit cumbersome, so in an attempt to improve this situation, I have created a tool, part Adobe Script, part Java, to enable communication between user scripts and Excel.

For now I have implemented the most useful commands e.g. Open a Sheet, Get Cells, Set Cells, Save Sheet etc.

This could be used for writing to as well as reading from Excel spreadsheets. For example, you may have a need to write out feature tracking keyframes to a spreadsheet for analysis or mathematical visualisation.

This tool is functional but in its early revisions (a humble v0.1) so I encourage you to try it out and welcome any suggestions or bug reports you may have. Note that the documentation on the project page is also included in the download for ease of reading.

Project page: http://chrishatton.homeip.net/?page_id=42
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