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I'm using the numbers effect to generate an avi for a list of numbers from 1 to 80, problem is i need each number to display for 9 frames? Could anyone explain how to do this with an expression and a brief explanation?

I'm using it as a texture in a 3d animation, i did one by hand but now my client wants to change the font!

Thanks in advance.

Paul Tuersley
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You can do this with an expression on the Numbers effect's Value property or the Source Text property of a text layer.
time returns the current comp time in seconds, so time divided by the duration of one frame (in seconds) gives you the time in frames:

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time / thisComp.frameDuration;
you want each to last 9 frames so you could divide that by 9:

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(time / thisComp.frameDuration)/9;
but you also want the result of this to be rounded down to the nearest integer (whole number):

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but as this starts from 0, you also need to add 1 to make it start from 1:

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Math.floor((time / thisComp.frameDuration)/9)+1;
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