Another challenge. making macox dock menu animat. with exp.

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Hellow again:

Now I´m working in a idea that I though seeing the web page of macox (apple).will be very difficult to make a
macox menu animation with expressions?.

I put a link to see what I´m trying: ... x-en-flash

(Go dowm to resultado chapter)

All suggestions are wellcoming


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Note: When you were in resultado chapter, pass the arrow on the black squares.

I dont need the interaction with the arrow only that sort of animation.

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hello all
I'm trying to create the same effect

I've succeded with the scale stuff, but the real OS X DOCK also shows small translation that can't be reproduced in my animation

In fact the flash code showed here is presenting that translation as well. Even on creative cow forum, they just present the scale transformation

so any idea on how to make exactly this effect ?
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