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i'm doing a card flip like u see at games. the crowd flipping cards over to see a pic on the other side. I have everything working great the only thing is i have expressions on my postion, scale and orientation to give it some wiggle animation. I really don't want to copy and paste the code to 300 layers and if changes come down from client its gonna be a pain to change all those layers. How can set up a slider with different x,y,z values and have all the other layers just take that value. I don't wanna expression to otner layers position...i want my wiggle just to take the X,Y,Z values I set.

This i hope will allow me to set up 2-3 different sliders with different values and just have to make changes to those and everything else changes. I don't have the time to go into everylayer and change its values.
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Edit - Copy Expression Only - this will allow you to migrate an expression from a single layer to multiple selected layers. Do this for each property.
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just create a null with 3 sliders from expression control.

then in each layer wiggle expression type: wiggle(thisComp("yourNullLayer").slider1.cursor,thisComp("yourNullLayer").slider2.cursor);

then you'll just have to adjust your slider to control your wiggle;
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