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Fade out after Hold Frame

Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:30 am

Dear all,
As a complete newbie on after effects expressions, I could need some help on expressions:

I have a timeline with a lot of layers that are switched on or off by a lot of hold keyframes.

A Null object with 30 checkboxes is the controller for the triggered layers.

This is the Expression i used for on / off:

if(thisComp.layer("LAser On Off programmieren").effect("Laser 6.4")("Checkbox") == 0) Opacity = 0

if(thisComp.layer("LAser On Off programmieren").effect("Laser 6.4")("Checkbox") == 1) Opacity = 100

Now I want to add a slider to this null where i can set a global fade in and fade out value. (Needs to be two different values for in and out)

The idea is: if checkbox (hold frame)is set to off, fade out during X Frames. If opacity is 0, do nothing.

I found a lot of fade expressions that are linked to the in and out point of a layer. But can't get it to work with the holdframes due to my lack of expression-knowledge and understanding.

Does someone has a hint where i can start solving this task

Thank you, dirk 

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