ScriptUI Panel -- Effects/Presets-like Textview Dialog Box?

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I'm a noob here :)

I wrote this script a while ago...

and it's about 20% done to my goal. It generates karaoke effects from a given .ass \k timed script in AFX. The goal is similar to PTAnimator, but the design and usage is quite different. Now, I wanted to go into making ScriptUI Panel, so this is my question:

Is it possible to implement an effects/presets tree-like structure to ScriptUI Panel? I couldn't find any documentation about this. I looked over some examples in AE and found a close one that can help, but I didn't like it. It's XML GUI sample, and the treeview list UI is ugly and that it doesn't allow me to input any values right in the listbox. I tried implementing, but I noticed to input values, I'll have to make new text fields, and it will never be as user-friendly as I wanted. The effects/presets tree structures are pretty user-friendly in my humble opinion.

Ultimately, I wanted to replace my JS Eval for configurations (that part is a hackjob that I made it in like 2 hours before uploading to google codes, as it calls the simplified prototype functions directly from the script) with GUI and store all of the configurations done through the panel to JSON, so that it can be retrieved and saved when the project is loaded and saved.
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Thanks for your script, is awesome, can you explain me how to split the lines? i put \N in my .ass but it doesn`t work, please help.
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