Undo setProxyWithSequence causing After Effects to crash...

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So I've been messing with creating and setting proxies and I'm either doing something wrong, or there is a bug with After Effects undo system.
Here's what's going on.

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    var curFile = app.project.item(1).mainSource.file;  // Where the error occurs
    var curName = app.project.item(1).name;
    var curWidth = app.project.item(1).width;
    var curHeight = app.project.item(1).height;
    var curFrameRate = app.project.item(1).frameRate;
    var curDuration = app.project.item(1).duration;
    app.project.item(1).replaceWithPlaceholder (curName, curWidth, curHeight, curFrameRate, curDuration);
    app.project.item(1).setProxyWithSequence (curFile, false)
As long as the app.project.item(1) is a footage sequence, the script will run correctly the first time.
When I press undo, which puts it back to the original footage state, and run the script again it creates an error saying "Unable to call setProxyWithSequence because of parameter 1. Value is undefined."

I've tried 'curFile = app.project.item(1).file; '
and that totally crashes After Effects.. as in, it cannot continue and needs to close.

So I've determined it has to do with the source and not going undoing correctly. Like the mainSource becomes the proxySource and on the undo, it doesn't make the proxySource back to the mainSource.

Can someone help me figure out exactly what's going on here?
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Please file this bug with Adobe. You can do that here: http://adobe.com/go/wish
This is the only way bugs get fixed so please do it.
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