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Randomize position on a text layer animator by word.

Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:22 pm

I have a text layer with many words and a range selector animating the Start from 0 - 100% 'based on' words (not characters).

The positions I want the words to start at I would like to be random but limited to specific starting positions:
x-axis can start from -1700 (left) or 1700 (right)
y-axis can start from -600 (left) or 600 (right)
z-axis can start from -2100 (top) or 0 (bottom)

I want those starting points to be randomized to each word.

Currently, I have:
ran = random(0,1);
x = [-1700, 1700];
y = [-600, 600];
z = [0, -2100];

With this, each frame it is randomizing the position and I want it to randomize for each word but only one axis per word.

An example that I want it to be random:
Word 1 starts at -1700 on the x-axis and animates to final position
Word 2 starts at 600 on the y-axis and animates to final position
Word 3 starts at -2100 on the z-axis and animates to final position
Word 4 starts at -600 on the y-axis and animates to final position

All help is appreciated.

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