Get markers from video exported from Premiere

What type of scripts do you need?

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I'm setting up a workflow for Templater ( but I need to get markers from the base video file which gets dynamically replaced.

When you drag a video (that was exported from Premiere) into Ae, it automatically shows layer markers for any markers you set in Premiere.

But when Templater dynamically replaces this footage, the markers do not get updated.

So I need a jsx script that will grab the markers from a given MOV file and either save their timecodes to a file (JSON, text, CSV, whatever) or apply those markers to the right layer in Ae (before Templater renders.)

Just to be clear ... I need to read the markers from the QuickTime .mov file -- NOT from the Premiere app!

Can someone help me get started on this script? Or know of something similar I can use as a starting point?

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I haven't used Templater, but you might be to work around the limitation with these steps:
  • Replace the clip with Templater (we'll call this clip yourReplacedClip)
  • Import the replacement .mov as new footage (this is yourMarkerSource)
  • Create a composition from yourMarkerSource
  • Copy yourMarkerSource's marker data
  • Remove the markers from yourReplacedClip
  • Paste the marker data from yourMarkerSource onto yourReplacedClip
  • Remove yourMarkerSource and composition created from it (this is just cleanup)
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