Shape Layer Rectangle Path 1 Size x,y to Slider Control

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I am building an effects preset and I cannot figure out the way to have two Slider Controls in my Effects Controls, that each control just one of either the X or Y size value of the Rectangle Path 1 on my shape layer.

Any help would be great!

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When you say that you are creating a preset: Are you saving an animation or coding a PseudoEffect?

If it is the first case: then you add two slider controls to your layer, "Slider X" and "Slider Y", then in scale in your path, you write:

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[effect("Slider X")("Slider"),effect("Slider Y")("Slider")];
that should do it. For saving it, just select "effects" and "Content" (not sure for this one, french for me) and save your animation and you have a brand new ffx.

Coding a PseudoEffect can also work, but you'll have to create a script to apply it if I'm right.
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