Lip Syncing - Automatically put keyframe under marker

What type of scripts do you need?

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Hello, i'm a motion designer, i'm passionate about character animation and automation.
I'm currently working on a project requiring lip-syncing and i need your help to accelerate my process.

I did some research on how to do it and i didn't like any of the tutorials available on YouTube.
here's why: in this one the animation isn't fluid enough (there is no transition frame between 2 mouth positions)
This one is nice but the problem is, the time remap can only move in one dimension, so if you want to go from the first mouth position to the last one, you have to go through every other mouth position which is really problematic.
If the character is pronouncing "AO" i want the mouse to go to position A to position O, i don't want it to go through position I-E-B etc...
Every tutorial is using these methods which left me really disappointed.

So i made my own Lip Syncing
In the first attachment, you can see how it's organized, the animation is mostly made thanks to path animation.
To animate the mouth, i first place markers listening to the dubbing on adobe auditions. (i place a A marker where i want to have an A animation, etc...)
Then i import the audiofile which contains all the markers.
Then i place the right key frames under the right markers, you can see all of this in the other attachment.
The result is really good, better than the YouTube tutorials.
But placing all these key frames by hand is a long process.

So here's my question:
Is there a script that would allow me to automatically put the right key frames under the right markers to make this process easier?
If not, do you have any other idea of how i could automate my process?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hey, i was looking for exactly the same as you!
I want to get keyframes from adobe character animator as visimes into ae and then have shapelayers set to those keyframes so there is a interpolation between each mouth shape.

Did you find any new information on this?


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