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What type of scripts do you need?

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I am currently working on a project fairly simple design, 10-12 layers, a photo look for a show. This was originally built for 30 - 40 photo treatments, but I have just been given over 600 photos. Is there a program, expression or easier way to do this? The photo lives in one precomp that is in the main comp 3 times. Sooo...

Current workflow: Duplicate precomp, add photo, rename. Duplicate main comp, alt-drag image into existing precomp, copy name of precomp, rename Main comp, send to render... It sound easy but even over 100 times is tedious and time consuming...

IS there was an jsx I can create to have the comp name = layer name = image in precomp?
AND a way import footage, replace precomp footage, take name and insert into new Main comp template...

Hope that wasn't to confusing...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
And of course willing to pay for a working version of anything that makes it easier on me $$!!

Cheers -

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Might want to check out Comps from Spreadsheets, located at

I'm not sure if it has exactly the functionality you need, but might work.
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