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I've been scripting in 3D for many years, as well as Windows shell and more, but never for AE.
I need to prepare a script that is relatively simple - but I don't know how to approach it and would be very happy to get some help on the matter.

I have many movie clips in a folder and I would like to combine every three clips (by name) into one movie clip, where I place the clips side by side. The clips all have the name "CAM1" or "CAM2" or "CAM3" in them so I know which clip should be on the left, right or center.

The clips are all at a resolution of 1024x576 50 fps. I would like them to be placed in a long composition 3072x576 and be at 25 fps. They should be placed like this: CAM2-CAM3-CAM1
The output would probably be the base-name with a "combined" instead of "CAM#":
basename_CAM1.mp4 + basename_CAM2.mp4 + basename_CAM3.mp4 = basename_combined.mp4

As a last step - I would like to overlay a timecode over the composition (probably over the center clip), starting from the first frame number, before it outputs to render.

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