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Boston Motion Graphics Festival 2010
April 1st through 5th, All Around the City

Topics and Presenters Include: After Effects, Actionscript, jQuery, VDMX, AVID, Fox, MIT, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and more.

Workshops & Conference :: http://mgfest.com/10/boston/#education
Inspiration Events & Screenings :: http://mgfest.com/10/boston/#featuredartists
Tickets and Registration :: http://mgfest.com/10/boston/#tickets

Ten easy steps to becoming a motion graphics artist! Okay, so it may not be as easy as that, but Nick Campbell’s presentation on “How to become a Motion Graphic Artist And Get Paid” jump starts the day of learning in Boston on Friday 2 April.

The Motion Graphics Festival begins with a full-day conference on motion design, sound design and interactivity, featuring presenters from AVID, Fox, MIT, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and more. The conference is followed by two days of workshops on Animating with ActionScript 3, Animation in a Browser with jQuery, and After Effects Fundamentals.

MGFest’s education events bring artists and academics together from a wide range of disciplines. Participants get involved with and meet people that can lead to collaborations and work opportunities. It is a time for those who are looking for talent to find it and those who seek new work opportunities to place themselves at the epicenter of the job market.

Staying on the edge of your field of expertise, gaining new skills and meeting others who will help push your talents even further than you imagined they could go – this is education’s allure.

The conference and workshops run from 10am to 5pm, April 2 – 4. The Motion Graphics Festival runs from April 1 – 5.

Full Festival Info :: http://MGFest.com
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