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So we have this great forum full of creative people, but as a friend remarked to me today, isn't it a bit plain for such a creative place?

I hereby challenge you, fellow Enhancers, to create a logo to replace the plain heading we currently see.

This is not to say that any will be used on the site; the administrator may have a reason for keeping it plain. I do hope it is an idea that will grab their attention though. :wink:
(Rotation through all submissions might be nice, à la )

I'll start us off with my own offering - I'm sure someone out there can do much better!

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Darkmoon_UK wrote:So we have this great forum full of creative people, but as a friend remarked to me today, isn't it a bit plain for such a creative place?
I think this is a great idea.. this is an incredible resource, but it could definitely use some more traffic, so anything to aid that i support.. One comment, though.. there should be a tagline expaining that AE stands for Adobe After Effects..

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Hello everybody

I appreciate your ideas and propositions. The reason why this site is a bit "plain" is twofold :
1/I created it using the phpBB forum system, which does seem to allow a lot of modifications (Mods and such), but the implementation of these, aswell as the re-design of the site itself, take too much time and technical knowledge, more than I have on my hands right now
2/I have been away for a long time, dwelling in places far away from decent internet connections, and thus have not been able to dedicate as much time as I want to the customization and maintenance of the site.

I have to "publicly" extend my deepest gratitude to Paul Tuersley for taking over some of the tedious administration tasks.

As to the issue of traffic, I believe the core of the matter resides not so much in the visual appearance of the site, as much as in the promotion of scripting and expressions as powerful tools that, even though are not necessary easy to master, offer the possibility of sharing, and this is what this site is all about.
I do have some ideas, like compiling monthly lists of all scripts and expressions available to download.

So I am very appreciative of everybody's efforts to enhance this site. Please contact me directly if you can be of any help (mostly if you know anything about php, mySql and any other web technology) or if you have any ideas on how to make this place better.


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Here's a logo entry sent to me by Jorgen Follestad. Thanks Jorgen!

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uh oh, looks like i'm too late! :lol: oh well, no big deal!

here's the logos I made...


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