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Good day. New here and not great with Expressions. My question is this. I have some old film footage that was Telecine transferred to video and when using footage I have found that every 6th frame is a duplicate. I know there is an After Effects expression script that can be used to remove every 6(N)th frame across the project however I do not know it or exactly how to run it in Adobe After Effects. I'm with the army and this is footage I got from the historian. ANY HELP HELP PLEASE!!!!

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I achieved this with time remapping, but unlike most properties, if there is no time remapping, there is no stopwatch symbol to Alt-click. However, I found that by selecting Time->Enable Time Remapping on the footage layer it creates two keyframes which effectively mean no-remapping. I found that you can Alt-click the stopwatch symbol and enter an expression which overrides the keyframes. This expression seemed to work:

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This assumes that the duplicated frame is 6th, 12th, ... etc.

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