Bounce from the wall like from the floor

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Try to make effect like here, like a Steve Holmes, from Energy Design make. I find bouncing text effect in AE CS3 presets, but it works only along Y axis (vertical direction). How I can modificate it? Or can some one help with scalebel expression for different tasks? Resume: want to make bouncing effect not from the floor only, but from the right or left wall.

Also find this one at, but it bouncing and sliding from the floor :(
For Position:

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Vy0 = 800; //initial y velocity (pixels/second) 
Vx0 = 450; // initial x velocity (pixels/second) 
g = 2500; // gravity (pixels/second/second) 
floor = 400; 
e = .85; //elasticity 

b = floor - position[1]; 
h = b + Vy0*Vy0/(2*g); 
T = Vy0/g + Math.sqrt(2*h/g); 

if (time < T){ 
y = Vy0*time - g*time*time/2 + b; 
Vy = -(Vy0 - g*T); 
while (true){ 
Vy *= e; 
t = T; 
T += 2*Vy/g; 
if (time < T){ 
t = time - t; 
y = Vy*t - g*t*t/2; 
}else if (T - t < thisComp.frameDuration){ 
y = 0; 
[position[0] + Vx0*(-Math.pow(2,-time) +1), floor - y]
:D Thank's for help!
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What about something like this...

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maxDev = 122.20; // max deviation in pixels
spd = 8;  //speed of oscillation
decay = 1.0; //how fast it slows down

t = time - inPoint;
x = position[0];
y = position[1];

//Apply v to the axis you want to modulate.
v = position[0] + maxDev*Math.sin(spd*t)/Math.exp(decay*t);
//y = position[0]*position[1]/v;

Play around with the numbers
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Atomic, thanks! It works, but the text moves softly to the left and to the right without impact of a "wall" at the left. How it is possible to improve? :?:

UPD I mean, that first time it impacts well and bounce to the right in my case. But after thet it to much slide to the left, doing transition through conditional border of a wall. And effect of bouncing loosing. :(
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Try changing the v expression to this one:

v = position[0] + maxDev*Math.abs(Math.sin(spd*t))/Math.exp(decay*t);

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:lol: Ya-ho-o-oooo! now it's wOrK! Thank you guys!
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