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On request I have written a new useful script in After Effects CS3 for everyone in the AE Scripts community (I think it will work in older versions of AE too). This script moves/nudges all Transform keyframes in all layers in all comps to the nearest exact frame for any framerate. This is handy when you change from for example NTSC to PAL or to any other framerate and the keyframes do not line up to the new frames. The script goes through all comps within your project and nudges every Transform keyframe on every layer. The script is written by myself from scratch, so this is my first script on request to help my fellow AE Scripters. Note: The Script works on all Transform keyframes, i.e. Anchorpoint, Position, Scale, Rotation and Opacity. It does not process any effects keyframes.

My Script that solves this problem is called 'asu_NudgeKeyFrames.jsx' and can be found here with further details and download link: ... seful.html
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Hey sundstedt, thanks for your great work! This script is awesome.

I had a problem with it though. I needed to only adjust certain layers in a comp instead of the entire project. And apparently, it wouldn't work on layers that were 'turned off' or locked (it would return an error and stop).

So, I had my friend, Mary, change it a bit to where it works by adjusting only selected layers. I attached the revised version.

Thanks again!
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Good idea, but unfortunately doesn't not work with all types of keys.

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