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A couple of things to know about this section of the forum :

1/As always, and this is extremely important, all people who contribute these scripts must be credited for their work. If you use these scripts or pass them on to other people, make sure the right credit is given

2/Let's not clog this part of the forum with too much discussion around the scripts. This part should mostly be a place to post the scripts, and eventually specific questions about it. All other discussions should go to the script discussion section

3/As in the expression forum, it is good practice to clearly explain what the script does, how to use it, in what cases it can be used.

4/Some scripts can be very long. Instead of clogging up your browser window, I put a link to an archived version of the script on my ftp server. If you post a long script, please do the same. If you do not have a server you can use, or if you don't know how this works, email me the file and I will upload it for you.

5/If the script is actually in the body of the post, just copy it, paste it into a text document, and save it with a .jsx extension.
Then all you have to do is place the saved script into the "Scripts" folder inside your AE folder, run AE, go to File>Run Script
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