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An other simple but useful script... :D
In a tape-less world, i have further more issues with "interpretation rules.txt" :evil: ( mainly with Quicktime... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: )
The interpret footage window isn't fast when we have lot of footages in the project to check...

My script make "quick" interpret footages and you can see the result in real time in composition. 8)

I'm in Pal region, i don't include "drop frame" settings and the aspect ratio is for Pal sources... :oops:

( customize aspect ratio for NTSC is very easy...)
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can you add interpret footage FPS I have a lot files at 50 fps..... and i want to have 25..
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You could modify one of the functions with this:


Or change your default import fps settings. You could also change the settings of one sequence and remember the interpretation and then apply it to the rest.
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Does anyone know how to force a setting of FieldInterperation.OFF to still images?

AE CS5 throws back an error when I try this; but:

I have a large number of single-frame files from Apple Motion (I am using Motion to create static titles) and when I use this Interpret script it says I can't set the field interpretation for still images --

yet when it imports these files it always defaults them to a Lower field separation. So I have to do the old cut-and-paste of footage interpretation which is quite tedious...

Is there another command one can use?
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