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This script is used to Change the Compositions names to the name you specified
Enter Compositions present name in the first field of the Script Panel
Enter name you want to change in the second field of the Sript Panel
Now Click 'Change Name' button. It will change all Comp's names...,
which have the name you entered in first field to the name you entered in second field
BUT IT DON'T DO THE TASK IN A SINGLE CLICK, it will ask the user to run script again and again
Until all Comp's(which meet the if condition) names are changed
So you have to run this script(click 'Change Name' button) until you get 'ALL DONE' message...

It is because AE automatically sorts the Project items when the name is changed. Click here to know how to use this script.
Compositions Renamer.rar
Comp's Renamer
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To potentially solve that issue of running the script over and over due to sorting issues...
put the selected comps into an array.
Once there, you could retrieve the comps one by one by iterating through the array and rename them one by one.. all in one go.

Just a thought...
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