Backface invisible for per-char 3D text overlapping itself

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Hello guys!

I have a text with per-character 3D enabled, on a circular path. The text is rotated by -90° on X to make it like a floor. Then i add the rotation animator and set it to +90, to make the text perpendicular to the floor.

I need to rotate it around Y axis, but the backface of text is overlapping itself. I have done the animation using the "first margin" parameter, to move along the mask path. I don't know any option to make backface transparent, so i'm triing with expression, but i'm stuck.
I saw that i can use the toCompVec() method, but i have to apply it to the single character once at time, possible to get access to rotation value of single characters in the same text layer? Doing this, i can check the rotation with a for loop on each character.

I would like to do this with expression, to make it reusable and avoid a lot af manual work (cc sphere, multiple text layers with own rotation, ecc).

Any ideas/hints?

Thank you!

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