ShapeLayer rectangle > trim path start end offset expression to adjust with rectangle size

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Hi there,

please check image attached.

i have simple rectangle with stroke and trim path. When i adjust size of rectangle width or height then the start, end, offset of trim path shud adjust automatically to new rectangle size to retain original shape.

Please help.

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I've been trying to solve this same problem actually.

The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to link the start/end of the trim paths to either a specific segment or vertex of the path.

There are some extendscript functions that will be useful: ... 0-5-t-time

PointOnPath(%,t) will return (x,y) values given a specific % of the path length, but I haven't been able to figure out if there's a way to do the reverse: return a % given a known coordinate on the path.

So far my best idea is to use the 'method of exhaustion', which is to feed 'pointOnPath()' increments of something like 0.1%, and then compare the resultant values to a specified vertex point, and if the difference is within a certain error threshold, then use that % of the arc-length as the value for the start/end.

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