How to create Cycled and Synchronized SCALE wiggle?

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Hello there,

I'm new here and I'm trying learning AE expressions and I ran into first big problem. I have a shape and I want it to wiggle by scaling the same in 2 dimentions (X and Y).

I know this exp
w = wiggle (1,50);

But, I want it to be looped too and of course it's not possible just to combine it with this equation

freq = 1;
amp = 110;
loopTime = 3;
t = time % loopTime;
wiggle1 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t);
wiggle2 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t - loopTime);
linear(t, 0, loopTime, wiggle1, wiggle2)

Can anyone show how to make them work together and it would be perfect if u explain me how to do this not only with these, but with the majority of exps?

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