Position based on layer boundary, not anchor?

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So what I need to do seems simple, but I'm having a very difficult time getting what I need.

I have two pieces of type, both right justified. They are side by side and need to be a specific distance apart. I'm going to be changing out the type quite a bit, so I'm looking for an expression that will maintain this distance no matter the length of line of type on the right side.

Make sense?

Position based on the layer's anchor point wont work, because the anchor point stays in the same spot, no matter how long the line of type is.

Is there a way to base one layer's position on the bounding box edge of another layer?

Example of what I need
Type 1....Type 2 Long Example
.............Type 1....Type 2 Short

Example of what I don't need
Type 1....Type 2 Long Example
Type 1.................Type 2 Short
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