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i need to create an expression that will take a cash value of (y) Y= $1.28 and have it multiplied by (x). X needs to be connected to a slider or something i can key... this way i can key a single slider to just multiple the value of (y) * (x).
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So why don't you just do exactly that? y * x
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I have same problem with you lowtech19. Have you figure it out?
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Avoid multiplying a number with a string.
If you have the possibility, put x and y on separate sliders, and in your text put an expression that formats x*y into what you want, for instance

"$" + (x*y).toFixed(2);

If you can't (ie the textLayer already has a text of the form $1.28), then
// y is the numeric value carried by the text
y = parseFloat(thisLayer.text.value.slice(1));
"$" + (x*y).toFixed(2);

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