Duplicate layer over mask data / vertice points

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I'd like to duplicate an animated layer over a shaped mask, is there a way to count the amount of vertice points from a mask and is there a way to translate their x/y position values to a layer position?


vertice[0] = 520,480 ; position of duplicated layer #1
vertice [1]= 550,430; position duplicated layer #2

The shape repeater almost gets me there, but I'd like to have control over the duplicates.

Thanks in advance!
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According to this thread:
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1929&p=7052&hilit= ... ices#p7052
You can't access vertex info with expressions (last post).

You might want to have a look at this post:

And check out Nab's "MaskVertexExpression" script.

Edit: Oh, I'm afraid Nab's script won't help you the slightest bit further..
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