Problems with inPoint/outPoint

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I have a shape layer “quad”. Then I pre-composed it to “compQuad”.
Now I want the scale of the “quad” layer to be controlled from the duration of the “compQuad”. So I added a Slider to the “compQuad” with an expression:

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upScale = ease(time, inPoint, inPoint + 1, 0, 100);
downScale = ease(time, outPoint - 1, outPoint, 0, -100);
upScale + downScale
Then I added an expression to the scale parameter of the shape layer “quad” to link it to the Slider of the “compQuad”:

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s = comp("Comp 1").layer("quadComp").effect("Slider Control")("Slider");
[s, s];
And everything works fine till the composition “compQuad” is on the beginning of the timeline. Problems begin if I move it along the timeline.
The farther the “compQuad” is from the start of the timeline, the later the value of the scale parameter of the “quad” layer is beginning to change. Although the Slider value of the “compQuad” changes correctly.

So the question is how to make the value of the scale change without a delay?

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