Opacity Driven By Scale

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Hi guys,

What seems to be a simple task is driving me crazy and for the life of me I can not get this functioning how I want it to.

So to jump into things, I have a background pattern, that I have chopped up into individual icons, and their scale is being driven by a separate comp as a gradient wipes through them.


My intention is to have the icons be at 15% and increase to around 40/45% as the gradient wipes over it (Similar to the scale) but I can't seem to get it working properly. I have also tried parenting the opacity to the scale and attempted to clamp the values to a min/max that I want with little to no luck.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been racking my brain over this and I feel like this should be a simple thing unless there's something I'm missing. I can provide further info. if needed just let me know.

Thanks in advance all!
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Not sure if this helps.

But maybe a work around works;

Pre-comp the (animated scaled) icons. turn the icons opacity in the pre-comp to 100%.
Go back to your main comp containing the gradient wipe. Lower the Pre-Comp's opacity to 15%.

Duplicate the gradient wipe effect and the Pre-Comp.
Change the duplicated Pre-Comp's opacity from 15% to 45%.

Use the gradient wipe effect as a track matte to reveal the duplicated pre-comp (45%) and to hide the original pre-comp (15%).

hope it works.
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