Animate a car dashboard with an expression

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Hello everybody, 

im working on a AE project to emulate this video :

Now I have to animate the composition.
I created a Counter for Speedometer and Rev Counter and i parented those Counters with respective needles but I'm not able to create a correspondence bewteen the Counter's zero and the Needle's zero.
This is the expression I used for the Counter :

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px Roboto; color: #323333} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}
beginCount =thisComp.layer("Counter").effect("Slider Control")("Slider");
stopCount = thisComp.layer("Counter").effect("Slider Control")("Slider");
beginTime = 0; // start counting at time = 0
countDur = 5; // count for 5 seconds
Math.round(linear(time,beginTime,beginTime + countDur,beginCount,stopCount))

and this is how it appears my workflow now :

I already parented the needle with the Counter but the rotation degree of the needle doesn't correspond to the zero of the Counter.... what I need in the end is to create the correspondence between Counter and the speedometer nicks : when needle is on the 2 the Counter must shows 2000 and so on...
Hope it's clear what I mean 
Is it possible?
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