Auto-vertically align text layer fed from essential graphics

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Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies if this has already been covered somewhere.

I'm building some templates in Essential Graphics to enable our operators to add animated titles to edits at speed (and scale!) in premiere.

Essentially, I want the text to always be vertically aligned in the centre no matter haw many lines of text there are (the font is large so it's like 6 lines max).
It's left aligned and I want the horizontal position to remain the same (I'm using a text box so the text will automatically wrap onto the next line).

I'm assuming I need an expression on the position of the text layer but my knowledge of expressions is limited to "wiggle()" and "time*"!

I looked at Evan Abrams' ... -tutorial/ description and thought maybe this technique could work but I'm struggling to figure it out.

Any suggestions welcome!

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