CSV table to automate text changes

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Ian Robinson did a nice simple tutorial on how to automate text changes with a CSV file: https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/h ... s-csv.html

In short, based on the name of the composition - which ends in a number (ie. Comp 01, Comp 02) (and incerements up as you duplicate that comp, automatically) a Master Property with a property matching the Comp name (Comp X) can increment up as well, find the right row on the CSV file and then change that property. But if you have more than one column/text line, you need more properties, and you have the problem of one Comp name.

thisComp.layer("TWA Flights.csv")("Data")("Outline")("Destination")("Destination 0"). This would work with a Comp named "Destination X"), if all I had was a Destination property.

But I have Travel Time, Fuel, Distance and other properties.

thisComp.layer("TWA Flights.csv")("Data")("Outline")("Travel Time")("Travel Time 0")
thisComp.layer("TWA Flights.csv")("Data")("Outline")("Distance")("Distance 0")

So I'd like to get the number at the end of my Comp-name (Comp "X"), and add it to the Travel Time property like this:
("Travel Time X')

("Travel Time 0")
("Travel Time 1")
("Travel Time 2")

Probably hard to follow, but what the heck.
Anybody know a way?

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