possible to add a comp with "safe region" markers through scripting?

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Hi guys?
I'm Matthieu Fremeaux, aka Fremox, the guy behind the SpringyFX and MoglyphFX (among others) tools on aescripts
Nice to meet you all!
I struggle on something new while trying to create a kind of "templates launcher" tool...
Here is my problem :
I'm trying to import some compositions that have "safe region" markers into them, from the Project panel into the active comp timeline ; I've set some predefined timing for the intros of these comps and I need them to keep their speed even when users will extend the layer's duration in the timeline once imported

I actually manage to add them to the comp with the "comp.layers.add()" method, but the safe region markers aren't applied to the layer, as it happens when you drag and drop such a comp in the timeline manualy..
Any idea how I would achieve that ?

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