Doubt about Dan Ebberts's 3D camera orbit expressions

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Getting a flat world map, applying a CC sphere effect, later applying these cool expressions to the X Y and Z axis and orbit it with a camera, you get and amazing effect of our planet spinning around simulating a real 3D movement, later use some glow and lights and you will get hughes results.

lookAt(thisComp.activeCamera.position,position)[0] apply to the X

lookAt(thisComp.activeCamera.position,position)[1] apply to the Y

lookAt(thisComp.activeCamera.position,position)[2] apply to the Z


I'm playing with a project of an earth simulating 3D, using these wonderful expressions by Dan Ebberts, to orbit it with a camera. You get an amazing 3d look with it.

My problem goes when I try to zoom in to the earth and orbit with the camera at the same time. I apply the expressions to the CC sphere to the X,Y and Z axis and without zoom in it, the camera orbit Ok, but when I keyframe the point of interest and the position of the camera at the begining of my comp and at the end, and at the same time I try to zoom in, is a pain, because I can't maintain the point of interest, so it turns, but in a random way , too difficult to get a nice zoom in effect. Trying to fix the point of interest of the camera to solve this is impossible.

Any idea or advice ?

Thanks a lot in advance and of course thanks to Dan for this cool expression.

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