Running Terminal Commands from OSX

Find out why the . goes before the /

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I'm using the command below.


It works but I want it to open the command in an OSX terminal window instead just running silently?

Also, currently AE waits for the system call to finish before giving control back to the AE gui, I just want it to set my command running then put me back in AE (much like BG render does).

Any ideas?


Phil Spitler
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I've been noodling on this problem as well. I don't have a complete solution yet, but I thought it might be helpful to share my thought process so far. Rather than use the callSystem method, I'm thinking the best solution is to write a text file temporarily that contains the intended terminal command, save it as a .command file, then have the script execute it.

No code examples for this yet, I still have to write it and test it myself.
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